Op amps optimize price-performance for industrial, instrumentation apps

Norwood, Mass.&#8212Analog Devices' expanded portfolio of industrial grade op amps include five new entries that leverage the company's iCMOS manufacturing process and DigiTrim technology to provide performance and cost advantages for a variety of industrial and instrumentation applications.

The low-noise, rail-to-rail (5-16, or &plusmn8 volt operating voltage) products include dual and quad versions of the popular AD8661 operational amplifier; and a new series of low cost, low noise amplifiers in the AD866x family for buffering, level shifting, and filtering for large-signal applications.

“With the AD866x portfolio expansion, Analog Devices is covering a broader range of performance and price requirements to provide the best value for the precision needs of the industrial and instrumentation market segments,” said Steve Sockolov, product line director, Precision Signal Processing Group. “Designers can get the level of accuracy and wide operating voltage range they need at competitive price points from a single supplier.”

Like the single AD8661, the AD8662 (dual) and AD8664 (quad) op amps tout the industry’s highest precision at 100 microvolts voltage offset specified at 5 and 16 volts for applications that require high levels of DC accuracy such as industrial process control, motor control, medical instrumentation, and automotive sensors. The devices also offer wider gain bandwidth for higher speed applications. They are available in a LFCSP (lead frame chip scale package) measuring 3-by-3 mm, which is 70 percent smaller than a standard SOIC (small outline IC).

The complementary AD8665, AD8666, and AD8668 op amps are designed to offer higher performance at a lower price point than competing devices. Applications include reference buffering and level shifting, filtering, utility functions, ADC driving, and AC-coupled applications for low-noise, wide operating voltage applications. To meet the needs of small factor designs, the devices are available in a SOT-23.

Click here for the AD8662 datasheet, and here for the AD8666/AD8668. The AD8662 is available in full production quantities. The AD8664, AD8665, AD8666 and AD8668 are sampling with full production quantities expected in June (2006). Available in a choice of packaging options, the devices are sold in 1,000 piece quantities as follows: AD8662ARMZ, 8-pin SOIC, 78 cents; AD8662ARZ, 8-pin MSOP, $1.35; AD8664ARUZ, 14-pin TSSOP, $2.20; AD8664ARZ, 14-pin SOIC, $2.20; AD8665ARJZ, 5-pin SOT-23, 58 cents; AD8665ARZ, 8-pin SOIC, 58 cents; AD8666ARMZ, 8-pin MSOP, 78 cents; AD8666ARZ, 8-pin SOIC, 78 cents; AD8668ARUZ, 14-pin TSSOP, $1.05; AD8668ARZ, 14-pin SOIC, $1.05.

All devices in the AD866x family were developed using ADI’s iCMOS processing technology, which enables higher performance and integration. The AD8662 and AD8664 offer the added cost-efficiencies of ADI’s DigiTrim trimming process and the first implementation of thin film fuse which reduces circuitry and design size, resulting in lower manufacturing costs. iCMOS (industrial-CMOS) is a modular manufacturing process combining high-voltage CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) and bipolar technologies. It enables the development of a wide range of high performance analog ICs capable of 30-volt operation. Click here for additional information.

DigiTrim is a patented trimming process that allows production of precision amplifier components at costs up to 30 percent lower than competitive solutions and with higher accuracy, by using internal digital circuitry to adjust specific performance parameters. The parts can be treated as a standard analog product and assembled without any additional processing or trimming.

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