Operating voltage for current-feedback amplifier stretched to 37 V

Dallas — Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) extended the operating voltage of one of its high-speed, current-feedback amplifiers.

The new version matches the original device's fast slew rate (6500V/μs), settling time (40 ns), high bandwidth (420 MHz) and low-input referred voltage noise (1.6 nV per √ Hz) — while extending the operating voltage to 37 V.

The THS3001HV is intended for large-signal applications requiring excellent transient response, low noise and low distortion, such as in test and measurement, communications and imaging.

The THS3001HV extends the performance of the THS3001 (33-V, high-speed, current feedback amplifier) to 37-V (±18.5 V) power supply systems to allow for increased output voltage swings up to 33-V peak-to-peak and increased common-mode operating range.

Samples are available in 24-hours. The THS3001HV is available now in volume in an 8-pin MSOP with PowerPad .

The device will also be available mid-summer in an 8-pin SOIC package.

Suggested pricing in 1,000-piece quantities is $5.00 for the commercial temperature grade and $5.15 for the industrial temperature grade. Click here for the THS3001HV data sheet.

Texas Instruments , 1-800-477-8924,

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