Operational amplifier integrates cooling devices

Tucson, Ariz. — Power Amp Design's operational amplifier boasts rail-to-rail operation at both the inputs and the output — combined with a power supply voltage range from ±8 volts to ±50 V (100 V total supply voltage) and an output range up to 15 amps.

In addition, the PAD117 op amp is supplied with an integral heat sink and fan allowing for an internal power dissipation up to 100 watts, which is quite unique, according to Power Amp Design. The PAD117 is intended for applications where maximum output voltage is required with limited supply voltages.

Some applications for these high power amplifiers include linear motor drives, industrial audio, semiconductor testing and vibration canceling.

The PAD117 op amp can operate from a single supply voltage. The output can very closely approach the supply rails, which is also unusual for a power amplifier, the company said (Shown in illustration below).

With a footprint of 5.6 inches squared, the PAD117 offers performance that rivals much more expensive hybrid component amplifiers or rack-mount amplifiers, the company said. User selectable external compensation tailors the amplifier's response to the application requirements. Four-wire programmable current limit is built-in, but the PAD117 is compatible with the external PAD121 current limit accessory module as well. The PAD117 also features a substrate temperature reporting output and over-temp shutdown.

An evaluation kit (EVAL117) is available for $114.00. A Spice model is also available for free at the company's website.

The PAD117 operational amplifier costs $143.00 each in 100-piece quantities. Click here for the preliminary PAD117 data sheet.

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