OPTEK : IR LEDs have extended operational life

Providing design engineers with a family of versatile, high stability infrared light sources, TT electronics OPTEK Technology has developed a comprehensive range of surface mount infrared LEDs. Designated the OP180 Series and OP280 Series, the infrared LEDs are housed in plastic leadless PLCC-2 packages and feature a silicon encapsulant that increases the operational life of the component.

“Customers are continuously requesting components with increased functionality and that are miniature in size for operation in applications with limited real estate,” said Alan Bennett, vice president of sales and marketing for OPTEK Technology. “This family of IR LED devices offers a competitive solution due to the stability of the components and variance of light emitted, while meeting space constraints in both single device and array applications.”

The surface mount infrared LED family consists of the following components:

– OP180 – high power GaAs with 940nm peak wavelength, 0.50mW/cm 2 apertured power, 20mA IF, and 100° half power angle;
– OP280K – high power GaAIAs with 875nm peak wavelength, 0.85mW/cm 2 apertured power, 20mA IF and 90° half power angle;
– OP280KT – high power GaAIAs with reverse polarity terminals, 850nm peak wavelength, 0.85mW/cm 2 apertured power, 20mA IF and 90° half power angle;
– OP280PS – point source GaAIAs with 850nm peak wavelength and smaller spot size, 0.15mW/cm 2 apertured power, 20mA IF and 50° half power angle;
– OP280V – high performance 850nm invisible VCSEL (class 1M) with 2.50mW/cm 2 apertured power, 7mA IF and 18° half power angle.

The OP180 and OP280 Series IR LEDs are ideal for non-contact position sensing, datum detection, machine automation, and optical encoding applications.

For more information about OPTEK's surface mount infrared LED products, contact TT

electronics' OPTEK Technology at 1645 Wallace Dr., Carrollton, TX, 75006; call 972-323-2200,
or visit OPTEK on the web at
In Europe, contact JP Delaporte at .

OPTEK Technology is a leading manufacturer of standard and application-specific sensors using infrared, visible, magnetic and fiber optic technologies focused on applications in office machines, industrial equipment, encoders, automotive electronics, military and high-reliability applications, and medical diagnostic equipment. Headquartered in Carrollton, TX, the company is ISO/TS16949:2002 and BS EN ISO 9001:2000 certified, as well as ITAR registered.

OPTEK Technology was acquired by TT electronics in December 2003. TT electronics plc is a global electronics company manufacturing a broad range of advanced electronic components, assemblies and sensor modules for the automotive, industrial, telecommunication, computer and aerospace markets.

For more information, contact:
Ramon Martinez, Senior Engineer
OPTEK Technology

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