Optical isolation amplifiers housed in stretched SO-8 packages

Chiba, Ceatec Japan—Avago Technologies announced a series of competitively priced miniature isolation amplifiers in stretched small outline-8 (stretched SO-8) packages for use in a variety of electronic motor drives used in industrial applications.

Avago's ACPL-C78A/C780/C784 family of isolation amplifiers are designed for current sensing in electronic motor drives and uses advanced sigma-delta A/D converter technology to allow designers to accurately measure motor phase currents in servo and high-end inverter motor drives.

Typical applications include inverter current sensing, motor phase and rail current sensing, motor rail voltage sensing, switching power supply signal isolation, industrial A/D converters and general-purpose current sensing and monitoring.

Avago's ACPL-C78A/C780/C784 family of isolation amplifiers come in a new stretched SO-8 package with a footprint that is 30 percent smaller than conventional dual-inline packages (DIP), yet meet 8 mm creepage and clearance requirements. These stretched packages are compliant to most industrial safety standards such as IEC/EN/DIN EN 60747-5-2, UL 1577 and CSA. Avago offers the ACPL-C78x series in lead-free packages.

Features include a high CMR of 15 kV/µs at VCM = 1000 V to ignore high common-mode noise and provide smoother control; a 0.00025 V/V/°C low gain temperature drift that provides accurate signal gain over the operating temperature range; 0.3 mV input offset voltage; 100 kHz bandwidth; and 0.004 percent nonlinearity.

Pricing: Avago's ACPL-C78A/C780/C784 family of miniature isolation amplifiers begin at $6.00, $4.25, and $3.13 each, respectively in 10,000 piece quantities.
Availability: Now through Avago's direct sales channel and worldwide distribution partners.
Datasheets: ACPL-C78A, ACPL-C780 and ACPL-C784.

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