Optimized AV codecs for streamlined multimedia product development

BANGALORE, India – Celstream Technologies Ltd. announced the availability of its new audio and video codecs-based line of Digital Multimedia Solutions that are designed to reduce development cycles and trim expenses for audio-visual products in the media and entertainment arena.

Celstream's ready-to-use, optimized codecs cut multimedia development time and costs for customers, freeing up their resources to deliver innovative, differentiated products. Celstream's offering spans MPEG-4 encoders, MPEG-4 decoders, AAC encoders, AAC decoders and Mp3 decoders, particularly suitable for low-bandwidth implementations using transport streams and 3GPP addressing solutions such as mobile video streaming, video conferencing and video surveillance.

“Celstream's AV codecs packages are the result of combining our years of experience in the development and optimization of codecs, with our in-depth knowledge of product development for various application areas,” said Ranga Raj, chief technology officer at Celstream. “We have successfully integrated this technology into a wide range of products such as video players, play list applications, set-top boxes, CD/DVD systems, professional cameras, surveillance systems and more in the Media & Entertainment space.”

Celstream has successfully developed codecs for a range of customers, including a leading provider of mobile-based audio and video editing solutions whose products have been deployed by one of the world's largest mobile phone manufacturers. Another client, a provider of cutting-edge DRM solutions, leveraged the codecs for streaming media to deploy its patented technology on multiple open-source platforms.

“On average,” added Raj, “our codec packages cut development time and costs by about 50 percent for our customers.”

Whether the envisaged product is a superior algorithm to enhance video and audio capture, a next-generation AV editing solution for mobility, or a streaming solution for Internet radio and mobile TV, each of these products require highly optimized AV codecs to ensure quality performance, low-energy consumption and stable operation.

Celstream's AV codecs packages are:
*Deployment-ready for ARM platforms
*Designed with a quick and optimized port for other platforms
*Highly modular, enabling easy integration and reuse
*Ideally suited for mobile and embedded applications

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