Over a Dozen Classic Retailers Added to Catalog Spree iPad Shopping App

Number one catalog shopping app doubles offering and “wows” users with innovative visual search

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SAN DIEGO, June 14, 2011

SAN DIEGO , June 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — INTERNET RETAILER CONFERENCE (BOOTH #2038) — Catalog Spree, the number one catalog shopping app, today announced new retailers and a major update to its popular digital catalog mall.  New partners include classic retailers such as: HammacherSchlemmer, Sundance, Woolrich, Bullock & Jones, Gump's, Coldwater Creek, Bra Smyth, Uno Alla Volta, Cooking Enthusiast, Norm Thompson , Sahalie, U.S. Toy and Wine Enthusiast.  

“HammacherSchlemmer had been looking to extend its historic catalog to iPad, but we couldn't find a partner that offered our customers the right balance of browsing and shopping,” says Henry Coleman , Senior Internet Marketing Manager at HammacherSchlemmer. “As soon as we explored the Catalog Spree app, we knew that they had constructed an ideal balance of presenting a strong catalog browsing interface with a simple, straightforward path toward executing the order.”

In addition to a more than doubling of content, the new version of Catalog Spree adds a unique and powerful “visual search” feature as well as a high definition portrait mode and bright new layouts and controls for an even friendlier catalog shopping experience.  Now, shoppers can use a simple keyword to visually highlight what they are looking for across multiple catalogs. Consumers expect relevant search results, and Catalog Spree more than delivers by using an innovative spotlighting display that highlights tagged pictures and matching text.  “Visual search” allows shoppers to jump from one relevant page to the next through fast swipe browsing.

In less than two months since launch, the app has amassed nearly 100,000 users and delivered more than 10 million catalog page views.  Catalog Spree has been consistently among the top five retail apps in the iPad App Store alongside eBay, Amazon, Groupon and Gilt. Out of 90,000 iPad apps available, Catalog Spree is among the 100 most downloaded, and boasts an average engagement time of 20 minutes per visit.

“Our singular focus on user-experience continues to drive more consumers and more content.  The enhancements and attention to detail of this update further differentiate Catalog Spree and underscore why Catalog Spree continues to be, by far, the most popular catalog shopping app on the iPad,” said Joaquin Ruiz , chief executive officer and co-founder of Padopolis, creators of Catalog Spree. “We are pleased to see that consumer interest in a complete catalog experience on the iPad has given us a consistent presence as a top shopping app along with some of the most well known retailers in the country.”

Catalog Spree's virtual shopping mall delivers a beautiful, fast and engaging place for consumers to quickly shop, share and browse through a variety of catalogs. Catalog Spree for the iPad is the only app to truly deliver the look and feel of traditional catalogs and yet enhance that experience with immersive and engaging features such as: instant catalog loading, seamless accelerated integration with retailer web sites, Facebook Share, and now, “Visual Search”.

Catalog Spree v1.1 is available for download from the U.S. iTunes store.  Catalog Spree is exhibiting at the 2011 Internet Retailer Conference and Expo in San Diego, Calif. , June 14-17 .  To schedule a meeting with Catalog Spree during the show please call Schwartz Communications at 415-512-0770 or email catalogspree at Schwartzcomm dot com. For more information, please visit

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