Panasonic intros 2007 HD display line

Panasonic has officially announced its 2007 HD display line. The line will be comprised of LCD, Microdisplay, and Plasma models. Here's the highlights:

According to Panasonic, it is a company that is technologically agnostic, and it believes the choice of TV technologies is application based- how and where you will be watching the TV and what you will mainly be viewing. In a bright environment and for sets smaller than 37-inches, the company feels LCD is a terrific solution.

Panasonic has added three new models to its line of LCD flat panel televisions. The top of the line TC-32LX700 features Alpha IPS (In Plane Switching), 120Hz and Motion Picture Pro technologies creating smoother expressions of motion, and a significant reduction in ghosting. All three models include Intelligent Scene Controller, contributing to the delivery of superior picture quality, and guaranteeing clear viewing from any angle. The TC-32LX700 also boasts increased connectivity, allowing users to employ the SD card slot to create digital art or a photo gallery in the comfort of their living rooms. The 2007 line-up is completed with the addition of two sleek HD LCD flat screen televisions -the TC-32LX70, and the TC-26LX70.

All of the new LCD TV models offer crisp, detailed picture clarity with its Intelligent Scene Controller, which includes backlight control and gamma correction. The backlight is automatically turned down in dark scenes resulting in deeper, richer blacks, while the gamma correction in both bright and dark scenes enables detailed picture reproduction. All models also feature an SD card slot, and HDMI inputs with EZ-Sync HDAVI-Control that allows users to connect multiple components without the hassle of multiple wires and remotes. The new EZ-Sync remote enables users to jump to various connected equipment with a simple push of a button.

Model TC-32LX700 further includes Alpha IPS technology, which allows the same picture to be viewed from almost any angle, resulting in a measurable 178° viewing angle. This model also features Motion Picture Pro that utilizes 120 frames per second image interpolation between frames to produce a cleaner, smoother picture.

Panasonic recently announced a new line of High Definition 3LCD Micro Display televisions featuring the revolutionary long-life LIFI, a first-of-its kind light fidelity projection display application that ensures image brightness over an extended period of time, as well as contributing to a greatly reduced start-up time. The Panasonic LIFI High Definition line will be comprised of two series ” the LCZ and LCX. The LCZ series, available in three screen sizes, 61-inches, 56-inches and 50-inches, feature 1080p resolution and an elegant glossy black finish with a new floating panel design. The PT-61LCX70 and PT-56LCX70 offer 720p resolution.

The key to the new LIFI 3LCD line is the HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamp. By converting HID lamps to LIFI, the models experience an especially long life span with brightness that will never fade, eliminating the need for lamp replacement. When the electrodes in HID lamps deteriorate and the tungsten evaporates, it causes diminished brightness, as well as damage to the lamp itself. The light source in the Panasonic LIFI HDTVs does not use electrodes, which results in more stable performance and a longer lifespan. Additionally, Panasonic's LIFI technology projects a wide variety and spectrum of light, allowing for the most radiant reds, greens and natural skin tones.

The start-up time for a Panasonic LIFI HDTV is a reportedly a fraction of the time it takes for a traditional LCD projection set to start-up. This is because the light source does not use electrodes and the LIFI bulb is 1/8 the size found in an HID lamp, so the temperature rises more rapidly, enabling a faster start-up. The actual time from the moment the set is turned on until there is a picture is now reduced from 60 seconds or more to approximately 10 seconds.

According to Panasonic, with a longer lifetime, the LIFI HDTV series offers the same performance as a similarly-featured LED mode from a competitor, but at a lower price point. The LIFI lamp generates less scintillation noise than traditional HID lamps, and the invisible speakers marry impeccable design with high-quality sound. Using the device's remote control, users can easily enjoy EZ Sync-enabled products such as Blu-ray players.

All models include LIFI light source, 3000:1 contrast ratio, 400 cd/2 brightness, full-range speaker speakers rated at 20-watts output, HDMI (front-1, rear-2), PC input, SD Card Slot, and EZ Sync. Additional features of the LCX70 Series include: a new 0.69-inch 720p LCD Panel and all Black Cosmetics. Additional features of the LCZ70 Series include: a new 0.74-inch 1080p LCD panel, and a Piano Black cabinet.

Panasonic's plasma line will feature a 42-inch, a 50-inch and 58-inch 1080p high definition model, which joins Panasonic's current 65-inch and the world's largest Plasma, the 103-inch, to provide a wide choice of Plasma televisions in the 1080p resolution arena. The full line brings ten new Plasmas to the U.S. market for 2007. According to Panasonic, sports and high-definition movies are driving the demand for high-definition viewing more than ever demand blacker blacks, faster response time (no motion artifacts) and the billions of colors that plasma panels deliver.

In 2007 Panasonic will offer four distinct plasma lines. There are two specific model categories under the 1080p umbrella. The TH-58PZ700U, TH-50PZ700U and the TH-42PZ700 – combined with the hold-over current 65-inch and 103-inch Plasmas, offer a true high-definition resolution of 1920 x 1080p.

Completing its deep line of 1080p resolution televisions, Panasonic will introduce two models later this year in the premium PZ750U series, the TH-50PZ750U and theTH-58PZ750U. The 750 series is distinguished by the inclusion of a Studio Reference Mode, which provides the end user with the exact color reproduction as seen on the reference monitors used in film editing studios, resulting in the exact colors and expression intended by the film makers. In addition, the Pro Setting Mode allows the consumer to professionally calibrate the set, plus there are three HDMI connections and a unique black chrome ornament cosmetic.

The full line, both 720p and 1080p, also offers an improved EZ-Sync remote to link Panasonic home entertainment and video products to allow seamless control of the entire system by using only one remote. Finally all new models for 2007 have a SD Memory Card slot with Photo Viewer that transforms consumer model Panasonic Plasma TVs into digital photo galleries. By utilizing high definition photographic images available from GalleryPlayer (the first-ever collection of high definition art and photographic images) that are embedded on the SD cards, the consumer has access to thousands of images ranging from art masterpieces to dazzling photographs. GalleryPlayer's content partners include National Geographic, MoMA, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The New York Times and Time-Life.

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