PC audio codecs bring HD sound to desktops, notebooks

San Jose, CA – Integrated Device Technology (IDT) has announced three high-definition PC audio codecs – the IDT92HD73C, IDT92HD73D and IDT92HD73E – designed to help bring home-entertainment-level audio fidelity to next-generation desktop and high-end notebook systems, while also supporting mobile user capabilities such as advanced processing for VoIP. According to the company, the codecs also achieve new levels of power efficiency for both desktop and notebook applications.

Features include digital-to-audio conversion SNR fidelity in excess of windows logo program (WLP4) requirements and minimization of unwanted audio artifacts, such as “pops” and “clicks”, during system power up. The devices also incorporate an added analog mixer and support for up to four digital microphones for improved voice clarity in applications such as VoIP and voice recognition.

“Audio is becoming more and more important in the computing environment,” said Mary Cunningham, director of marketing for the IDT PC audio operation. “Audio isn't important just for VoIP calls and traditional entertainment anymore. Superior audio – like IDT codecs provide – can make a huge difference in the gaming experience.”

The IDT92HD73C, IDT92HD73D and IDT92HD73E feature 6, 8, and 10 stereo channels, respectively, enabling simultaneous audio and VoIP capability. The 6-channel IDT92HD73C provides advanced audio capabilities for high-end multimedia notebook applications; the 8-channel IDT92HD73D is designed for ultra-high-end consumer notebooks or desktop-based consumer entertainment systems; and the 10-channel IDT92HD73E is designed to provide best-in-class audio for high-end entertainment desktop applications.

The devices provide stereo 24-bit resolution with sample rates up to 192 kHz and dual digital S/PDIF outputs to enable simple integration with multi-channel consumer entertainment equipment, including audio integration with system HDMI video. In addition, the new devices are compatible with the Intel high-definition (HD) audio interface.

The IDT92HD73C, 'D and 'E are currently sampling in 48-pad QFN RoHS packages. Prices are listed at $1.62 for 10,000 units.

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