Peregrine houses RFICs in advanced chip-scale packaging

San Diego, Calif.—Peregrine Semiconductor Corp. has advanced its RF switch line for quad-band GSM and GSM/WCDMA handset applications by introducing RFICs using advanced chip scale packaging.

The HaRP-enhanced PE42632 SP6T and the PE42674 SP7T flip-chip devices enable 40% size reduction in front end modules by eliminating the area consumed by wire bonds, according to Peregrine.

The PE42674 is a flip-chip monolithic SP7T WEDGE switch with on-board CMOS decoder. The PE42674 simplifies and lowers the cost of RF designs by eliminating up to 20 wire bonds and reducing overall footprint with a single die placement. It offers one WEDGE-compliant port (TX1), two GSM/EDGE TX ports, and four RX ports. The PE42674 offers linearity of 2fo of -85 dBc and 3fo of -79 dBc; IIP3 of +67 dBm; TX-RX isolation of 38.5 dB (900 MHz); 0.65 dB insertion loss (900 MHz); and IMD3 of -109 dBm.

The PE42632 SP6T switch delivers low harmonics (2fo of -90 dBc and 3fo of -82 dBc); TX-RX Isolation of 38 dB (900 MHz) and 31 dB (1900 MHz); P1dB compression point of 41 dBm; and 0.55 dB of insertion loss at 900 MHz.

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