Pericom targets multimedia video applications with analog switch solutions

San Jose, Calif. — Pericom Semiconductor Corp.'s analog video switches tout low resistance and capacitance for high-bandwidth, next-generation consumer multimedia video applications.

Pericom's new PI3V and PI5V high-bandwidth analog video switches are specifically designed and characterized for video signal applications, and provide an optimal cost-to-performance solution for high volume switching functions in the consumer video market segments. These video switches are multiplexer/demultiplexers with Hi-Z outputs that are recommended for both RGB and composite video switching. Applications include PCs, television, projection equipment, graphic cards, set-top box, networking, and telecommunications. Due to the low on resistance R(ON) and on capacitance C(ON) of the products, the bandwidth can be as high as 570 MHz. They also offer low crosstalk (-60db to -80dB) and great isolation (-60dB).

“There has been an increasing need to add multiple video components to a single video display unit in order to provide true multimedia entertainment video networks. Pericom's PI3Vx14 family enables designers to add up to four video components, such as DVD, PC, DVR, VCR & etc. to a video network,” said Shaf Rahman, director of marketing for switch & interface products.

PI3Vx14 also has almost flat low R(ON), which is an excellent analog characteristic suitable for analog video signals and helps to minimize attenuation or distortion due to critical color granularity and picture quality, Rahman said. In addition, multiple PC connections to the same network require multiplexing capability of the horizontal and vertical synchronous signals to the single display unit. “Pericom's 512/514, 5-channel products address this particular need,” he added.

Circuit damage due to electrostatic discharge (ESD)/electrical stress (EOS) is common in boards that do not have a built-in ESD protection mechanism on the board itself. To avoid this issue, system designers prefer components that have higher ESD protection so that a sudden high electrical surge does not propagate through the system. Pericom's PI5V330S analog switch provides robust ESD protection of 5 kV HBM and 10 kV I/O to ground (GND). “This extra ESD/EOS protection on the board, in addition to the protection offered by the external circuitry, exudes robust protection against an electrical surcharge,” Rahman said.

Common Key Features:

  • Single device provides switching of up to 4 video input streams with 3-5 channels
  • Operating voltage: 5 V/3.3 V/2.5 V
  • Provides 5 V rail-to-rail switching & 5 V I/O tolerance
  • Low 7.0-ohm R(ON) for maximum signal transfer and low distortion
  • Channel C(ON): 9.0 pF
  • Bandwidth: 300 to 570 MHz
  • Crosstalk: -30 to -80 dB (typical); Isolation: -30 to -60 dB (typical)
  • ESD: 2 kV-5 kV HBM; 10 kV I/O to GND
  • Lead(Pb)-free packaging available

New Products:

  • PI3V314 (3-Channel, 3.3 V, 4:1 Mux/Demux)
  • PI3V514 (5-Channel, 3.3 V, 4:1 Mux/Demux)
  • PI3V312 (3-Channel, 3.3 V, 2:1 Mux/Demux)
  • PI3V512 (5-Channel, 3.3 V, 2:1 Mux/Demux)
  • PI5V512 (5-Channel, 5 V, 2:1 Mux/Demux)
  • PI5V330S (3-Channel, 5 V, 2:1 Mux/Demux w/enhanced ESD protection)

Pricing starts at 50 cents each in 3000-unit quantities.

For more information, please call (800) 435-2336 or visit:

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