Phone line monitor with detectors targets VoIP gateways, IP-PBXs

Beverly, Mass. — Clare, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of IXYS Corp., has introduced the CPC5712, a special-purpose phone line monitor with detectors (PLMD) IC, aimed at high-voltage telephony applications such as VoIP gateways and IP-PBXs.

The CPC5712 monitors the TIP/RING input through a high-impedance divider (resistor isolation), and derives two programmable signal-level detects: polarity information and the buffered phone line signal itself. The device offers improved detector accuracy and performance including lower power dissipation as well as a high degree of integration compared to earlier devices, Clare said. The resistor divider and the 10 Mohm input impedance of the CPC5712 make the circuit practically undetectable for both on and off hook phone line applications, according to the company.

Requiring minimal external components, the common-mode rejection ratio of over 55 decibels makes the CPC5712 well-suited for telephone line condition sensing in high noise environments. The device meets the isolation requirements of worldwide telephony standards and provides international telephone network compatibility.

The CPC5712 can be used by itself for phone line monitoring applications, or it can be used in conjunction with the Clare LITELINK (CPC5622) phone line interface IC/DAA (Data Access Arrangement) for a complete voice or data phone line interface solution with line condition sensing. The CPC5712U is housed in a 16-lead QSOP package,

Pricing: $0.49 in quantities of 25,000.
Availability: Standard lead time of six weeks after receipt of order.

Product information: CPC5712

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