‘Pick it up Full, Drop it off Full’ – Top 5 Tips when Hiring a Car

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LONDON, December 19, 2012

LONDON , December 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

Leading car hire comparator has announced the top 5 T&C's of car hire suppliers that are most often missed by holidaymakers

As with any purchase, when hiring a car the supplier's terms and conditions need to be understood. Often in small print and with many points to read, not examining this fine print could result in incurring additional costs which could have been avoided, or losing the vehicle all together before your holiday has even started.

To help get travellers off on the right foot when planning a holiday, leading UK car hire comparator has listed the top 5 points to remember to ensure your vehicle hire runs smoothly, as well as advice on how to avoid potential pitfalls.

1. Comprehensive Insurance Cover

When hiring a car basic insurance is often included in the price. However, unbeknown to many consumers this doesn't always cover certain parts of the car including windscreens and the undercarriage and can only be third party. To ensure you don't get stung if you were to be in an accident ensure you have Collision Damage Excess Waiver Insurance. This means the cost of paying the insurance excess to a car hire supplier if you damaged the vehicle will be covered by the policy. Without this, the amount could be taken off your credit card.

2. Credit Cards and Sufficient Funds

A credit card will almost always be required when hiring a car and the card has to be in the lead driver's name. Failure to take a credit card in the correct name means it's likely you will be refused the car on collection and may also struggle to find an alternative supplier. Furthermore, make sure you have sufficient funds available on the card itself as the card will need to be able to cover the excess amount stated in the policy should any damage be done.

3. Fuel Costs

Always remember 'Pick Up Full, Drop off Full' and you won't find yourself being charged for fuel when you return the vehicle. Using this policy means you will know exactly how much you have used and are only paying for this amount, not extra.

4. Additional Extras

Car hire companies will usually always supply you, if required, with extras such as child seats and sat navs. However, these will often be 'payable locally' so you will have to pay per day and they can be costly. When possible, take your own, or if you need to hire remember to be ready to pay the costs on arrival or they can refuse to supply you with the items. Also try and pre-book these when you initially hire the car as they will have limited availability.

5. Preliminary Vehicle Checks

Make sure you don't fall foul of a potential scam by always checking the vehicle with the supplier before driving off. Ensure any noticeable damage, such as large chip marks or damage to paintwork, is written down by the supplier and recorded as already being there before you took the car. Otherwise you risk both losing your deposit and possibly having to pay for repairs.

Briony Fairbairn of says: “These are the top 5 terms and conditions that holidaymakers were found either, most likely to forget or most likely to not know altogether. Remembering these 5 top tips will significantly reduce the chances of your car hire experience going wrong.” is a car hire specialist dedicated to providing customers with a wide range of vehicles at the lowest prices. The company supplies car rental in over 12,000 locations worldwide.

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