Pin driver doubles throughput

Milpitas, Calif. — Intersil Corp. announced a quad,18-volt pin electronics driver and comparator that includes four independent, programmable drivers and high-speed window comparators for use in automated test and measurement (ATE) applications.

Each channel of Intersil's ISL55100A device has independent driver levels, data and high-impedance control. Each receiver has a window comparator to provide high and low threshold level testing capability. Target applications include burn-in ATE, instrumentation, flash memory wafer testers, emulation and device programmers.

“With its many degrees of freedom to set supply voltages per driver, coupled with twice the drive capability as that of the closest competing solution, the ISL55100A provides significant cost savings through the reduction in component count, end-product variants and the ability to test a much wider variety of loads and equipment,” said Sameer Vuyyuru, marketing director of Intersil’s amplifiers product group.

The ISL55100A's driver inputs can be driven in a single-ended or differential manner, allowing the device to be driven from a controller over a distance via twisted pair connections. The outputs can be placed in a high-impedance mode, facilitating the combination of this dynamic waveform testing solution with per-pin measurement units (PPMU) for DC parameter testing of components. With significantly lower output resistance compared to competing devices, faster rise and fall times and more accurate pulse waveform generation (up to 65 MHz) is achieved, according to Vuyyuru.

Each of the four drivers can be driven from their own split- or single-ended supply voltage arrangement, permitting the use of both positive and negative drive signals. Each of the four window comparators can be set to independent high and low thresholds and the inputs can be driven above and below ground to enable the device to interface with a wide variety of logic families. The comparators have flexible logic high and low level power supplies to optimize the interface to the controller.

The ISL55100A is available now in a 72-lead QFN package and is priced at $17.00 in 1,000-unit quantities. Click here for the ISL55100A data sheet.

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