Pixelworks chip supports high resolution panels for advanced TVs

Las Vegas—Pixelworks Inc. has designed its PW9800 DNX Motion Engine IC with proprietary algorithms to support high resolution 100/120Hz panels for advanced TVs.

As a co-processor, the PW9800 chip works with any front-end IC to improve the viewing experience of television systems.

The PW9800 IC family, which includes the PW9800-10G (WXGA
support) and PW9800-30G (Full-HD support), uses proprietary motion
compensation/motion estimation and frame interpolation algorithms to
remove judder and blur in 100/120Hz systems, delivering advanced television technology with smooth playback of film and video content.

The PW9800 is among the first in a family of Pixelworks BGA-based products that meet international halogen-free and lead-free standards, as specified in Sony Green Partner Specifications SS-00259 and IEC 61249-2-21.

Availability: The PW9800-10G and PW9800-30G are now available in sample quantities in a 356-pin EHDS-BGA (HF) package.

Pixelworks Inc.,

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