Pixonic has Released a Cookbook for Successful Social Games Development

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MOSCOW, May 5, 2011

MOSCOW , May 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Pixonic, social network games
publisher, has released a cookbook for game developers. Social Games Cookbook
is neither a manual nor a strict set of rules but rather a recipe book on how
to make hits.

There are over 1,000 professional game development studios all over the
world, and it's exactly for them that Pixonic team, who use their own PixAPI
platform to publish games in social networks, have revealed the secrets of
successful game development in their new cookbook. It contains answers to the
developers' hottest questions, practical recommendations and Pixonic team's

“When we decided to publish the book, we learned, to our surprise, that
no one had ever done anything like that before,” says Elena Masolova, Pixonic
CEO. “The studios and developers that we work with publish their games in
social networks all over the world. However, they usually face similar
problems, make the same mistakes, and ask our producers the same things. We
decided to put all the recipes together to help those who want to make their
own hit games.”

The book contains a lot of recipes on how to make attractive graphics and
a comfortable, user-friendly interface of social games; it describes what the
first game session should look like, why quests are important, and what makes
an ideal social game so different. All the recommendations are written in a
plain and clear language.

“Plan the first session ahead for the players and reward them for all the
good choices – take them by the hand. Reward them through quests or by
balancing experience for each level,” the authors suggest. “Any energy
spending has to be rewarded. If you don't know how to reward players, give
them experience.”

The recommendations suggest that the game developers don't ask players to
count or compare numbers, give reasons why players shouldn't be given an
opportunity to make bad choices, and explain that the most important things
about the game are an intriguing plot start and respect for the player's
gaming regime.

Pixonic analytics team are planning regular updates to the Cookbook, will
publish soon the social networks research, so don't miss.

The Cookbook is available for free download at (

    Media contact:

    Ksenia Chabanenko

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