Planet Analog ‘Ask the Experts’ Session for June: Op Amps

On Wednesday, June 18, at 1:00 p.m. ET (10:00 a.m. PT), we will discuss Op Amps, which are at the heart of many designs. Our experts will help you understand the fundamentals of this basic architecture. One of our experts is Glen Brisebois, applications engineer for signal conditioning at Linear Technology Corp. Glen received an EDN Innovation award for best contributed article several years ago. Other companies will be sending experts to discuss these topics with you as well.

Op Amps are used in many areas of analog design as amplifiers, active filters, power drivers, etc. Join this special Ask the Experts interactive chat where Steve Taranovich, your Planet Analog editor, uncovers:

  • Gain
  • Bandwidth and gain bandwidth
  • Typical application circuits using Op Amps

You can also leave some early questions and observations on the chat board, which is now live.

Sign up now by clicking here to join or to leave an early message! Just click “Reply” or “Post Message” when you get to the site.

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