PMIC geared for MOST automotive networks

Geneva—STMicroelectronics says its L5961
is the industry's first integrated power-management solution for MOST (Media Oriented Systems
Transport) networks. It's optimized for in-car multimedia and infotainment applications. The fiber-based MOST network primarily allows for a range of multimedia devices, such as CD and DVD players, car radios, and personal navigation devices to be added with minimal effort.

Designed in cooperation with fabless semiconductor manufacturer SMSC to work with that company's
MOST network processors, the chip includes a power supply section and MOST-compliant power-management control logic, together with enhanced diagnostic and full system circuitry for monitoring power, network status, wake-up events, and temperature.

“ST's L5961 integrates all the discrete circuitry usually necessary to generate power supplies and power management for a MOST node,” said Christian Thiel, vice president and managing director of SMSC's automotive group. “It allows a designer to significantly reduce the number of components on the PCB, offering immediate benefits such as cost reduction, lower complexity and improvement of quality.”

The L5961 has a 5- or 3.3-volt, 650-mA DC/DC converter, which supplies the network processor and can also power an external low-voltage application; two voltage regulators to power
a fiber-optic transmitter and fiber-optic receiver; a diagnostic transceiver for the network physical layer; and three battery detectors for voltage monitoring, which are currently stand-alone functions in discrete component solutions. Other features include multiple power modes, including an Ultra-Zero Power Mode, which offers a typical quiescent current of just 5 microamps.

A chipset combining the L5961 power-management IC and an SMSC network processor can serve as a building block in any MOST network node. The combined chipset, once validated, can be placed in any MOST application without having to be redesigned and revalidated each time.

Click here for the datasheet. The L5961 is available in a PowerSSO36 package, or in a PowerSO36 option for applications requiring a higher thermal dissipation. Engineering samples of
the L5961 are now available to lead customers. Full qualification of the L5961, ready for volume production, is planned for Q3 2008. The L5961 is priced at $3 in quantities of 1000.

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