PMIC streamlines GPS designs

Santa Clara, Calif.—The AAT2603 from Advanced Analogic Technologies, a power management IC targeted at mobile GPS devices, portable media players (PMPs) and other handheld mobile systems operating off a single lithium-ion battery, integrates two step-down converters and four independent LDOs in a 4-by-4 mm TDFN package.

“Today's portable GPS devices and PMPs demand an increasingly wide array of power functions as they extend their feature sets,” said Siamak Bastami, product line director. “By integrating 6 channels, featuring two buck converters, one with a two-step dynamic output voltage, with four LDOs and independent enable functions, the AAT2603 provides designers maximum design flexibility and power-up sequencing while offering the opportunity to reduce PCB space, improve reliability and reduce cost.”

The AAT2603, working off a 2.7- to 5.5-volt source, touts high efficiency across the entire load range. One step-down converter supports functions requiring high output current and low-dropout voltage (200 mV). The second step-down converter delivers 600 mA and includes two-step dynamic output voltage capability to match the needs of common system processors. The converter dynamically shifts between the two output voltages by toggling the SELB2 pin.

Four LDOs supply power to a variety of system functions. Two of the LDOs, designed for noise-sensitive circuits, deliver 200 mA. The second pair of LDOs delivers 400 mA. Each of the four LDOs draws just 50 microamps of quiescent current.

The chip features protection against short-circuit, over-current, and over-temperature conditions.

Price and availability
The AAT2603, qualified across the -40 to +85°C temperature range and available in a Pb-free, 28-pin, 4-by-4 mm TQFN package, is priced at $1.64 in 1k quantities.

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