PoE-PD takes on 40-watt applications

Phoenix, Ariz.—ON Semiconductor's single-chip NCP1081 powered device (PD) controller for power-over-Ethernet (PoE) is rated at an industry rated high of 40 watts for anticipated high-power applications. The NCP1081 enables the latest approved (25-watt) IEEE 802.3at draft (D3.0) standard, including two-event physical layer classification to support VoIP phones, wireless access points, up-and-coming industrial Ethernet devices, pantilt-zoom (PTZ) and dome IP cameras, RFID base stations, and WiMax modems. Both the NCP1081 and the new pin-for-pin compatible NCP1080 (13 watts) fully support the (13-watt) IEEE 802.3af standard.

These CMOS-based chips, designed in a high reliability automotive qualified process environment with an extended temperature range, claim a reduced bill-of-materials (BOM) count of up to 67 percent over existing two-chip solutions. Thus the chips, in a 4.4-by-6.5 mm TSSOP-EP20 package that's rated for a maximum junction temperature of +150°C (NCP1081 also has a CESD rating of 3 kV), touts an edge in robustness and miniaturization over competing solutions.

The NCP1080/1, which are compatible with new and emerging power sourcing equipment (PSE), support an adjustable under-voltage lock out mechanism, offer an integrated classification loop, and allow for external programming of key parameters. Over-temperature protection and a two-event physical layer classification indicator on the NCP1081 are standard features.

The devices' integrated DC/DC converter controllers facilitate the implementation of single-ended power supply topologies such as flyback, buck, and forward converters and use a control scheme based on peak current. The controllers include programmable frequency, slope-compensation and soft startup.

Pricing and availability
The NCP1080 is priced at $1.45 each, and the NCP1081 is $1.80, both in 1k quantities. NCP1081 and NCP1080 evaluation boards are available. Two other chips, the 13-watt NCP1082 and the 40-watt NCP1083, which have all the features of the NCP1080, will soon arrive to add auxiliary supply support (9 -57 volts).

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