PoL converter packs big power into a small space

Bridgewater, NJ — Enpirion, a provider of fully integrated power solutions, has once again packed more electrical power into a smaller space than anyone else in the world. The company's new EN5360, the second device in the Enpirion point-of-load (POL) product line, represents a 100% increase in output power over previous versions, with only a 21% increase in board space required. The 6A fully integrated DC-to-DC converter is targeted at POL applications such as servers, personal computers, set-top boxes, medical equipment, aerospace/military applications and telecommunications and data communications equipment.

The EN5360 – a member of the industry's first and only line of products to feature an integrated inductor – reduces real-estate requirements and part count by more than half, while slashing development costs and time-to-market. Only four external components and 163 square millimeters of board space are required for the entire converter solution. The unparalleled metric of 700 Watts-per-cubic-inch or 80 Watts-per-square inch of single-sided board area makes the EN5360 the world leader in power density for DC-to-DC converters. Enpirion's patented approach capitalizes on semiconductor geometry advances that enable a 10x switching-frequency improvement over existing solutions, integrating a PWM controller, output FETs and magnetic components into a single turnkey IC package with a standard TSSOP footprint.

“At 700 Watts-per-cubic-inch, this is the densest power solution on the planet,” said Dr. Ashraf Lotfi, CTO of Enpirion. “The combination of very high switching frequencies and integrated magnetics makes this an unbeatable POL power solution for applications with even the smallest space requirements.”

Enpirion's EN5360 is in a Dual Flat No-lead (DFN) TSSOP footprint package that covers just under 138 square millimeters of board space. Including the minimum of four external components, the entire DC-to-DC converter can be placed in as little as 163 square millimeters of single-sided, or 138 square millimeters of double-sided board space. Combined with a height profile of 2.2mm and efficiencies over 90%, the EN5360 is the perfect POL power solution for distributed power architectures.

“The EN5360 enables our customers to build their products in a smaller space with increased functionality, and bring it to market faster,” said Brett Etter, Director of Product Marketing. “By integrating the entire DC-to-DC supply into one device and making it very easy to implement, the EN5360 is especially appealing to designers that have broad responsibility for digital and analog portions of their product.”

Operation from common voltage rails of 2.5V, 3.3V and 5V is achieved with a wide input voltage range from 2.375V to 5.5V. With up to 6A or 20W of output power, the output voltage is VID pin selectable with options for seven standard voltages (0.8V to 3.3V) and a resistor divider setting enabling a continuous set-point range from 0.8V to Vin. The EN5360 can be used in a sequenced start-up with a programmable soft-start time and a separate enable function. Full protection functionality is offered with over-current, short-circuit, over-voltage, under-voltage and thermal shutdown features.

Enpirion's product line now ranges from 1A to 6A of output current and is continuing to expand. The company's power solutions offer system designers the flexibility to use similar function products for the ever-increasing number of voltage rails and specific loads in a particular system design.

The EN5360 is available now in standard and lead-free package options. Pricing is $7.45 each for orders in 1,000 unit quantities, and product evaluation boards are available.

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