Portable audio codec integrates FM transmitter

Las Vegas—Leadis Technology Inc. has unveiled at CES its latest family of audio codecs incorporating advanced FM transmitters and its Gmax audio amplifier technology.

There are four Gmax-enabled codecs that make up its latest audio codec series—the LDS9350, LDS9302, LDS9302L, and LDS9200. They are designed to increase power efficiency, maintain best-in-class SNR, and extend battery life in portable audio applications.

Applications include smart mobile phone, MP3/PMP (portable media player), portable gaming, GPS/PND (personal navigation device), and DSC (digital still camera) products.

The LDS9350, LDS9302, LDS9302L, and LDS9200 require 4-mW of power for quiescent playback, which translates to 70% lower system power consumption at typical listening levels and more than doubles the battery life of high fidelity audio playback, according to the company.

The LDS9350 integrates a stereo FM transmitter, a low power and low noise stereo audio codec, a highly efficient Gmax stereo headphone amplifier, DC-DC converter, and PLL in a single compact solution.

Leadis also offers codec-only versions, the LDS9302 (3.3V) and LDS9302L (1.8V single-supply), and a stand-alone FM transmitter, the LDS9200. All are packaged in a standard 40-pin 6×6 QFN, as well as ultra-small CSP packaging.

Pricing: Single-unit pricing for 1,000-piece purchases is $2.93 for the LDS9350 and $2.38 for the LDS9302/L, and $1.95 for the LDS9200.

Availability: Now in mass production.

Specifications: click here.

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