Post amplifier spotlights sensitivity

San Jose, Calif. — Micrel Inc. expanded its family of limiting post amplifiers with a 1.25 Gigabit/s device featuring 3.3-V operation with better than 5-mV sensitivity for datacom and telecom digital apps.

The SY88903ALKG is the latest part in Micrel's next-generation family of post amplifiers, first launched in early 2005, and designed to work at Gigabit and fiber channel data rates. The new IC is offered in a small form factor package and is suited for optical modules and passive optical network (PON) systems.

“Some of the fastest growing communications systems and markets currently are found in the fiber to the home arena,” said Thomas S. Wong, vice president high bandwidth products for Micrel. “Micrel's newest post amplifier addresses a strong need in this area because it has been optimized to address both the low input signals levels encountered in optical network applications and the wide variations in input levels that are typically found in many PON market applications.”

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The SY88903ALKG features high sensitivity loss of signal (LOS) circuitry, which can reduce system cost by allowing the use of lower gain transimpedance amplifier (TIA), Wong said. It also offers fast LOS switching times, pseudo emitter-coupled logic (PECL) data outputs with a transistor-transistor logic (TTL) compatible LOS output for applications where the LOS function is in the critical timing path.

The IC's LOS switching thresholds has 3 db (typical) electrical hysteresis between the LOS assert and deassert levels to eliminate chattering. It is backward compatible with Micrel's existing family of post amplifiers with minimal changes required.

The SY88903ALKG is offered in a 3mm x 3mm, 10-pin MSOP. Pricing starting at $1.95 in 10K quantities. Click here for the SY88903ALKG data sheet.

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