Power amplifier boosts audio in automobiles

San Jose, Calif.—Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc.'s latest automotive IC, the TB2932HQ audio amplifier, employs a new single-stage driver circuit structure that improves performance compared to its previous generation products based on BiCMOS technology for better sound.

Additionally, the TB2932HQ now gives designers the option to use an I²C bus to control and configure the power amplifier. Adding the I²C interface allows the TB2932HQ to report better diagnostic information to the host MCU. By adding an I²C port, the host MCU gains more information about the amp's operating conditions, and offers more configurability and control options.

In addition, by fine tuning its BiCMOS process, Toshiba has reduced the on-resistance of channel source drain, which allows its output transistor to be smaller yet carry the same current load. Toshiba calls this its Low-RDSON, or Low-RON, process. Smaller transistors translate to smaller die. This die size reduction also lowers packaging costs thus enabling the TB2932HQ to better meet the cost sensitive requirements of the automotive industry.

Pricing: In 10K quantities is $2.95 (U.S.) per unit.

Availability: Production quantities.

Datasheet: click here.

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