Power amplifier linearization SoC enables highly efficient broadband 3G and 4G networks

Sunnyvale, CA — Scintera Networks has made available its SC1887 adaptive RF power amplifier linearizer (RFPAL) system-on-chip (SoC). Adaptive linearization, commonly used to increase the efficiency and output power of macro basestation power amplifiers, has previously been very complex and expensive, consumed a large amount of power, and was not applicable to many newer system configurations.

The SC1887 SoC operates directly at the carrier frequency, and is a breakthrough in size, power, and simplicity for this advanced signal processing function. SC1887 was first sampled in August 2009 and is designed into products currently in development by leading power amplifier vendors and systems integrators worldwide.

Prior to the SC1887, engineers designing broadband transmitters were forced to use higher cost RF components and accept low efficiency, or had to use expensive linearization schemes, with multiple high power integrated circuits, which also increased system design and test cost. The SC1887 breaks these complexity, power, and cost barriers by offering an easy to use, low power, single package solution that is inserted into transmitter designs directly in line with the power amplifier. The RFin/RFout solution offers standalone operation and requires neither complex software development nor access to baseband signals. As a result, users are able to quickly bring to market linearized power amplifier solutions, in any configuration required, while minimizing development and manufacturing costs.

Packaged in a small form factor, 9×9 mm plastic package, the SC1887 can be implemented in less than 625 square mm of board space and is easily integrated directly into power amplifier modules. Consuming less than 600 mW, the SC1887 is ideally suited to lower power transmitters such as those being widely deployed in distributed 4G networks. Operating over the full range of frequencies covering all major cellular infrastructure bands, this flexible solution supports a broad range of modulation standards such as CDMA, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA and OFDMA (WiMax, LTE).

The SC1887 is the first implementation of Scintera's Gigahertz Signal Processing™ technology (GSP™). GSP is a programmable analog signal processor platform offering the advantages of digital signal processing but at the reduced power and size of analog solutions. GSP is an ideal fit for the complex signal processing required for power amplifier linearization as implemented in the SC1887.

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