Power conversion IC delivers performance, power efficiency in 4 mm x 4 mm package

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) introduces a family of six-channel power management integrated circuits (PMICs) for single-cell, lithium-powered portable electronics. Combining high-performance power building blocks in a single 4 mm x 4 mm package, the easy-to-design devices support power system requirements of advanced application processors used in smart phones, portable media players, navigation systems and other electronics.

TI's TPS65050 family of converters efficiently manages power in today's leading applications processors, such as TI's OMAP processors, TMS320C55x generation of digital signal processors (DSPs) and others. The six-channel devices maximize up to 95 percent efficiency across a wide range of point-of-load currents up to 1 A.

The TPS65050 integrates two 2.25-MHz step-down converters to support the system's core, peripheral, I/O or memory voltages. Both of the converters, which operate at input voltages from 2.5 V to 6 V, allow the device to operate in a power-save mode at light-load currents, and can be placed in a shutdown mode when power consumption is reduced to less than 1 μA. The TPS65050 also integrates two general-purpose, 400-mA linear low dropout (LDO) voltage regulators and two 200-mA LDOs that can be enabled with an external input pin for each LDO. In addition, the LDOs support an input voltage between 1.5 V and 6.5 V, which allows each to be supplied from one of the integrated step-down converters or directly from the battery.

Integrated Features of the TPS65050:

  • Two 600-mA, 95-percent efficient step-down converters for processor core and I/O supply. Additional versions incorporate 1,000-mA and 600-mA converters.
  • Two 400-mA and two 200-mA general-purpose LDOs with high PSRR and input voltage range from 1.5 V to 6.5 V
  • Fixed or adjustable output voltages
  • 2.25-MHz fixed frequency operation
  • Power save mode at light load currents
  • 180 degrees out-of-phase operation
  • 100 percent duty cycle for lowest dropout
  • 32-μA typical quiescent current for the DC/DC converters
  • Low ripple pulse frequency modulation (PFM) mode

TI continues to expand its portfolio of high-performance integrated power management products to support portable electronics that use low-power application processors and DSPs. TI's integrated power devices range from the TPS65800 10-channel PMIC with integrated lithium-ion (Li-Ion) charger to the six-channel TPS65020 and TPS65023 devices for single-cell lithium applications. TI also recently introduced its 2.25-MHz, dual-channel TPS62400 converter with a single-wire interface.

The TPS65050 family of converters is available in volume production from TI and its authorized distributors. The devices come in a 32-pin, 4 mm x 4 mm, leadless QFN package. The TPS65050's 2.25-MHz frequency also allows a designer to implement a tiny 2.2-μH inductor and ultra-small capacitors to achieve a small solution size. Suggested retail pricing starts at $2.75 in 1,000-unit quantities.

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Evaluation modules of the TPS65050, application notes and TI's comprehensive portfolio of power management ICs are available through

datasheet at TPS65050 data sheet.

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