Power conversion platforms help reduce IT equipment power consumption

ColdWatt Inc. has introduced its digital power conversion portfolio aimed at helping IT managers and systems designers address the increasing challenges of spiraling IT power requirements and rising energy prices. ColdWatt is one of a few companies delivering efficiency without sacrificing density. The company is currently shipping high efficiency power conversion products intended to enable IT equipment vendors to decrease growing operational expenditures (OPEX) and total cost of ownership by decreasing overall power consumption and increasing server and IT hardware density.

Over 50 percent of typical data center power consumption today is used for power delivery, thus operational costs are starting to outstrip the cost of equipment itself. ColdWatt has introduced its first products, the 650W power sub-system and the AC-DC 1U 1200W power supply, to help address these challenges. These flexible digital power conversion platforms allow quick-turn customization and generate 45 percent less heat, which results in 30 percent less overall server power consumption helping boost customers' bottom line.

“AMD is committed to working and innovating with companies such as ColdWatt to enable increased power efficiency at the system level,” said Randy Allen, corporate vice president, Server and Workstation Division, AMD. “Power delivery is obviously a critical factor in the data center and AMD is excited about the ColdWatt solution and the positive impact we expect it will have at the system level in combination with the leading performance-per-watt delivered by the AMD Opteron processor with Direct Connect Architecture.”

With its innovative platform approach and flexible technology, ColdWatt provides quick turn-around customization and optimization for customer specific requirements in the computing, networking, storage and telecom markets. Systems designers can realize power conversion efficiencies up to 91 percent, with emphasis on light load efficiencies greater than 82 percent, and industry leading densities at these power levels. Innovative system-level features provide enhanced system reliability including fault detection and predictive failure features.

“At Open Source Systems we are committed to delivering power efficient and dense data center solutions. ColdWatt's cutting-edge high efficiency power supplies are helping us solve some of the power and density challenges facing server systems today,” said Jared Giles, vice president of Product Management at Open Source Systems. “Their solutions were easy to integrate into our systems and enable us to deliver significant operational expenditure savings to our demanding data center customers.”

“As networking and computing equipment continues to climb in performance, so does the amount of electricity required and the amount of heat generated, forcing IT managers to look for ways to make their data centers more energy efficient,” said Dan Artusi, chairman and CEO of ColdWatt. “By using Coldwatt's innovative technologies, we believe systems designers can deliver high performance ” yet highly efficient ” solutions that reduce operating expenditures for their customers. In addition, our modular digital platforms enable us to rapidly deploy tailor-made solutions and provide superior system-level communications for improved system reliability and performance.”

ColdWatt uses proprietary magnetics technology to increase energy storage and digital control to achieve higher efficiency and flexibility. Thus, ColdWatt's front-end power supplies are able to significantly exceed the 70 percent efficiency level of commodity power supplies, with power headroom to scale with processing density increases and feature additions. These technology investments are breaking fundamental power electronics barriers and contribute to a scalable 1U roadmap ranging from 650W to >1.2KW.

“The front-end power supply market, with its high growth rate, is expected to reach almost $2 billion by 2010,” said Mohan Mankikar, president of Micro-Tech Consultants. “A pioneering approach to power supply design has enabled ColdWatt to develop one of the highest efficiency front-end products, exceeding 90 percent.”

650W power sub-system features
* Complete, turn-key 1U power subsystem reduces design time
* High efficiency across load range for OPEX savings
* 1+1 redundant with active load-share and hot-swap

* Standard configurations available for immediate adoption
* Power distribution boards available
* Narrow 4.3 inch total width for redundant power subsystem reduces space requirements
* Flexible communication interfaces including PMBus and PSMII

AC/DC 1U 1200W power supply features
* Outstanding efficiency of 90 percent
* N+1 redundancy capability with hot plug in
* Standard configurations available for immediate adoption
* Power distribution boards available
* Built-in fault protection
* Both front load and rear load versions available
* Support for PSMII and PMBUS

Coldwatt is currently shipping production quantities of the 650W power supply and sampling the 1200W system. Contact ColdWatt sales offices for pricing.

ColdWatt's focus on innovative power conversion technologies delivers market-leading energy efficient and power density solutions for the computing, networking, storage and telecommunications markets. System design engineers rely on ColdWatt to answer the challenge for reliable power conversion solutions that minimize heat dissipation and reduce space requirements. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, ColdWatt has technology centers in Dallas and Bangalore, India.

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