Power/current monitor enables board and system-level optimization

Milpitas, Calif.—Linear Technology Corp. has introduced the LT2940, a power and current monitor for 4V to 80V systems.

According to Linear, the LT2940 provides the necessary circuits to accurately measure, monitor, and control power in situations in which both the current and voltage may vary due to supply voltage uncertainty, component parametric changes, transient conditions or time-varying signals.

Unlike traditional power monitors that rely on data converters and multiplying registers to calculate power, the LT2940 uses a true four-quadrant analog multiplier that results in what the company says is a 5% power measurement accuracy and 3% current measurement accuracy, ensuring that boards and systems achieve optimum power efficiency and reliability.

The LT2940 is suitable for use in line cards and servers, power-sense circuit breakers, power control loops and a wide variety of metering applications.

Pricing: Starts at $2.05 each in 1,000 piece quantities.
Availability: Now in RoHS compliant, 12-pin 3mm x 3mm DFN and 12-lead MSOP packages.
Datasheet: click here.

Linear Technology,

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