Power ICs, MOSFETs, and more: a recent roundup

Whether it's due to this week's Applied Power Electronics Conference (click here.) or just one of those coincidence and simultaneity situations, we've seen a real outpouring of power-supply-related components this week. Here's a roundup for your convenience; it's likely you'll find one, or more, of immediate interest:

International Rectifier : Hot-swap capability added to XPhase family for multi-phase DC-DC buck converters, click here.

Semtech : Dual-channel buck controller features high switching frequency, outputs up to 30 A, click here.

National Semiconductor : National unveils 6-V to 100-V current-mode buck controller, click here.

BI Technologies : DC/DC converter eliminates heat sink requirements, click here.

EM Microelectronics : LCD driver offers wide voltage supply, click here.

BI Technologies : PFC evaluation board provides better than 95% efficiency, click here.

Micrel : Micrel extends LDO family aimed at FPGAs, DSPs and MCUs, click here.

Linear Technology : Synchronous step-down DC/DC converter delivers up to 500 mA, click here.

Vishay : High-frequency 75-V MOSFET driver sinks and sources 2 A, click here.

Power Integrations : Power-over-Ethernet DPA-switch has 10-W rating, click here.

Maxim : Dual input Li+ charger eliminates external MOSFETs, click here.

These should keep you busy!

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