Power Integrity: Noise

Keysight has recently added to their website a recent new video done by Steve Sandler, Founder, Managing Director, and CTO of PICOTEST. Sandler manages a website called Picotest which develops and manufactures precision electronic instruments.

The video, How to Design for Power Integrity: Finding Power Delivery Noise Problems is a much needed area of expertise especially for circuit board designers. Designing for good Power Integrity is the first step in creating a system that will meet all parameters specified for acceptable and even superb performance.

Power Integrity ensures that the power supply delivers the proper voltage and current to the load(s) on a circuit board or in an IC. Noise is one of the issues with which designers grapple. Various switching noise components are generated by the power supply itself, digital components and clocks as well as many other sources of unwanted noise.

Eric Bogatin has written a good book on this entitled Signal and Power Integrity – Simplified

Keysight has also done some other good instructional Power Integrity Webcasts such as their Power Integrity Measurements Webcast – Choosing the Right Tools

Image courtesy of Keysight

Image courtesy of Keysight

After a design is done, or even on a breadboard, using the right tools to “properly” measure ripple, noise, spikes, compression, static/dynamic load response and power supply-induced signal noise and jitter need to be accurately examined in order to minimize these effects on the final system.

Mentor Graphics also has their HyperLynx Power Integrity tool which models power distribution networks and noise in the PCB design process.

DesignCon 2015 had some excellent track on this subject as well in an EDN blog entitled DesignCon signal and power integrity track tackles noise

So the right method is to ensure Power Integrity at the outset of your design. “Make sure it works on paper first before you breadboard it” said my first engineering manager in 1972—-words of wisdom that stay with me even today. Happy designing!

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