Power management chip integrates rich audio features

Unterpremstaetten, Austria—austriamicrosystems has launched the AS3658, a highly integrated power and audio management unit with sophisticated audio features.

Applications include portable navigation devices, portable media players, smart phones, PDAs and a wide range of other battery powered handheld devices.

AS3658 provides power supply generation, monitoring and battery management, including charging. The charger can manage up to 1.6A charging current, which is suitable for fast charging of large batteries. USB, linear and step-down charging are available and supported by the battery isolation feature.

According to austriamicrosystems, the programmable power management functions of the AS3658 extend battery life with DC/DC efficiencies higher than 90%. The IC includes three highly efficient DC/DC step-down converters, two DC/DC step-up converters, three low noise LDOs suitable for RF applications, four digital LDOs, a low noise charge pump and a highly flexible backlight driver supporting a wide range of display sizes.

AS3658's audio functions include a 18-bit audio D/A converter, a 16-bit audio A/D converter, a 5 band equalizer as well as headphone amplifiers, line-outputs, line-inputs, microphone inputs, audio mixer and several analog and digital audio interfaces.

AS3658 is available in a BGA124, 8×8 mm, 0.5mm pitch package and is specified for -40°C to +85°C ambient temperature.

austriamicrosystems will present its highly integrated power and audio management ICs in an off-exhibition suite at CES 2008 in Las Vegas from January 7 -10, 2008.

Datasheet: AS3658.


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