Power management solutions debut for cellular handsets, other portable devices

Broadcom Corporation, a global provider of semiconductors for wired and wireless communications, announces that it has entered the portable power management market by unveiling its first power management unit (PMU) solution designed to satisfy the complex power system requirements of mobile handsets and other portable devices. The new Broadcom system-on-a-chip (SoC) PMU intelligently manages power consumption in mobile devices to optimize system operation and maximize battery life. The BCM59001 PMU can be paired with Broadcom or other baseband processors, multimedia processors, or application processors to provide the complete system solution required by leading mobile device manufacturers.

The mobile handset and portable device markets continue to experience strong growth, and features previously found only in high-end products are proliferating down into a greater number of product families. This natural trend is giving rise to more power-hungry features in mainstream products, and an increasing pool of devices in need of advanced power management functionality. Gartner predicts that the power management market for cell phones and other portable devices will grow 27% (compound annual growth rate) to $3.4 billion by year 2010 creating significant opportunities for Broadcom in this growing market segment.

As cellular networks evolve to 2.5G and 3G technologies, increasingly sophisticated functionality and applications are becoming available in new mobile handsets and other portable connected devices. The convergence of complex multimedia functionality (including high-resolution digital still camera capabilities, mobile gaming, MP3 and video playback, Internet access, Global Positioning System receivers, and mobile television) is becoming standard on mobile products. However, each of these applications adds to the power management complexity of the overall system. Portable device makers are seeking advanced power management solutions that reduce total system cost, occupy very little board space and are flexible and scalable enough to manage even the most demanding power requirements.

Announced today is the Broadcom BCM59001 power management unit, which provides a richer feature set, smaller footprint, longer battery life and lower overall system cost, all while requiring fewer external components than competing solutions. The BCM59001 PMU leverages Broadcom's extensive experience and advanced methodology in analog and mixed-signal CMOS design. It also leverages the company's system level expertise and field proven portfolio of baseband, multimedia and application processor products. While competing solutions may address some system power management challenges, none of them offers the level of integration, functionality and programmability found in Broadcom's new PMU solution.

“The BCM59001 PMU is another key product introduction fulfilling Broadcom's vision of a complete mobile platform solution,” said Bob Roohparvar, Vice President and General Manager of Broadcom's Portable Power Management line of business. “Broadcom is one of very few companies in the industry who can offer baseband, multimedia and application processors as well as power management technologies – the essential building blocks in the design of mobile phones and other portable devices.”

The BCM59001 provides the most optimized power management solution and is offered with a complete set of software and device drivers to offer a high level of programming flexibility and a complete system solution. The software includes programmability for all 13 of the device's integrated linear and switching regulator output voltages, enabling fast and efficient correlation between the power source and multiple integrated components. The BCM59001 also provides a flexible programming architecture to customize all device linear and switching regulators used for start-up sequencing.

The BCM59001 PMU integrates all key portable power components, including wall adaptors, USB chargers and highly accurate fuel gauges. The PMU also provides:

  • The industry's highest DC-DC efficiency at low current (84% at 1 milliamp), maximizing stand-by time
  • 11 integrated LDO (low-drop out) regulators combining ultra low noise with industry leading PSRR (power supply rejection ratio) of >70 db at 10KHz and drop-out voltage (<50mV)
  • Integrated fuel gauge and battery management system, with associated software
  • A dedicated two-wire interface with the baseband to enable cell phone sleep mode controls and optimize “idle” and “active” modes' current consumption for maximum battery life
  • An additional switcher for adding the efficiency of an I/O power supply
  • Extreme level of integration and small size – all contained within a small 6mm x 6mm package

The Broadcom BCM59001 power management unit is in volume production today. Housed in a 6mm x 6mm QFP package, the BCM59001 is priced at $2.49 each, in quantities of 100,000 units.

Broadcom may be contacted at Tel: 1.949.926.5000 or at

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