Power Meter System-On-Chip – for industrial poly-phase meters

TDK Semiconductor unveiled the world's first true system-on-chip for industrial poly-phase power meters. The 71M6513H integrates a 21 bit delta-sigma-delta converter, 32-bit compute engine, MCU, RTC, LCD driver, and ultra-precision voltage reference and provides better than 0.1% accuracy with only a few low cost external components.

The circuit can perform many standard and custom functions including active energy, apparent energy, voltage rms, current rms as well as waveform samples data for optional external processing. It consumes less than 30 mW in mission and 13 &#181W in battery modes, and it includes 64KB of MCU program/data storage, 7KB RAM, RTC, 5V LCD boost, 2+ UARTs, and an I2C interface.

Pricing for the 71M6513H power meter IC starts at $4.95 in 10,000 unit quantities. The device can be produced in FLASH and ROM versions and is now available for sampling in a 100-pin epLQFP package.

Utilizing TDK's patent pending Single Converter Technology&#153 and digital temperature compensation, the 71M6513H achieves 10 PPM/&#176C accuracy only previously possible with multiple chips and costly external components.

TDK Electronics Europe GmbH , 40472 D¼sseldorf, Germany.

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