Power modules target L-Band radar applications

Irvine, Calif.—Microsemi Corp. launched the Power Solution Modules (PSM) series designed for high power L-Band pulsed radar applications.

The Microsemi Power Solution Module series consists of three model types: the 1214-800P, 1214-700P1, and 1214-550P. They provide a “50-Ohms IN-50 Ohms OUT” fully matched across 1200-1400MHz band, high power amplifier stage for pulsed radar systems.

The high performance, Class C, modules deliver peak power outputs greater than 550 W, 700 W, and 800 W at 50% collector efficiency, under a pulse format of 300 microseconds, 10% long term duty cycle. Their user friendly design provides customers with plug-and-play capability that requires no additional tuning or complicated impedance matching.

“We are very excited to be the first supplier to bring to market a full series of L-Band Power Solution Modules,” said Jerry Chang, Director of Microsemi's Radar and RF Module Business in Santa Clara, Calif., in a statement “Now our customers can use just one of our 550W, 700W, or 800W modules to replace up to four 220W transistors that are commonly designed in parallel at the output of L-Band power amplifiers.”

Datasheets: 1214-800P, 1214-700P1, and 1214-550P.

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