Power MOSFET/Schottky diode combo features double-sided cooling

Malvern, Pa. — Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has claimed the industry's first 30-V monolithic power MOSFET and Schottky diode to be offered in a package with top and bottom heat dissipation paths for systems with forced air cooling. Offered in the PolarPAK package with double-sided cooling, the SkyFET SiE726DF device offers increased efficiency for high-current and high-frequency applications.

The double-sided cooling provided by the PolarPAK package enables better thermal performance for high-current applications. This allows for operation with a lower junction temperature with a thermal resistance of 1°C/W top and 1°C/W bottom. The leadframe-based, encapsulated design also offers increased protection and reliability, in addition to simplifying manufacturing, since the die is not exposed. The device offers the same layout regardless of die size for easier PCB design, and is 100 % Rg and UIS tested.

Optimized for the low-side control switch in synchronous rectification for high-current dc-to-dc converters, VRM applications, graphics cards, and point-of-load in servers and telecom systems, the SiE726DF offers low on-resistance of 0.0024 ohms maximum at a 10-V gate drive (0.0033 ohms maximum at 4.5 V), and can handle current levels 50% higher than the SO-8 in the same footprint size, without a heat sink. The device provides a typical gate charge of 50 nC, with a low Qgd/Qgs ratio to help prevent shoot-through.

With a Qrr of 30 nC and VSD of 0.37 V — both of which are more than 50% lower than that of a standard MOSFET — the SiE726DF integrated MOSFET and Schottky diode increases efficiency due to less parasitics and reduced power losses linked to the body diode of the MOSFET, according to Vishay. As switching frequencies increase, the reduction in power loss becomes even more significant. In addition, the elimination of the external Schottky diode allows designers to create smaller, more compact circuit designs while reducing costs.

Pricing: Starts at $0.85 in quantities of10,000.
Availability: Samples and production quantities are available now, with lead times of 10 to 12 weeks for larger orders.
Datasheet: SiE726DF

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