Power MOSFETs tailored for LCD backlight applications

TrenchMOS technology optimized for CCFL and UHP lamp driving

Royal Philips Electronics introduces of a new family of 150V and 200V power MOSFETs targeted for use in backlight inverters for LCD TVs and monitors, and UHP (Ultra High Pressure) discharge lamp inverters for beamers and projection TVs. Fabricated using Philips' highly acclaimed TrenchMOS technology, these new power MOSFETs combine extremely fast switching speeds with extremely low RDS(on) values, thereby reducing switching and DC losses to the very low levels required for high efficiency inverter operation.

The CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) tubes used to backlight large-area LCD displays, and the UHP lamps used in projection TVs and beamers, need to be driven with carefully controlled high-voltage high-frequency AC waveforms in order to provide accurate brightness control without perceivable flicker. Power MOSFETs, such as those introduced today by Philips, provide the necessary high-speed current switching needed to generate these waveforms, while minimizing conversion losses and thereby easing thermal management problems.

“The ever-larger screen sizes being produced by the LCD and rear projection TV industries require correspondingly higher drive power for their backlighting,” said Manuel Frade, general manager, Philips Semiconductors power management business. “That makes it increasingly important to minimize power losses in the drive electronics.”
The initial range comprises 200V devices with an RDS(on) value of 65 mOhm and 150V devices with an RDS(on) value of 34 mOhm, all of which are available in industry standard TO220 or D2PAK packages. These transistors can be optimally driven by using them with Philips' UBA20xx family of lighting control ICs, such as the UBA2032 full-bridge driver.

Part Number Package Voltage RDSon
PHP33NQ20T TO220 200V 65 mOhm
PHB33NQ20T D2PAK 200V 65 mOhm
PHP45NQ15T TO220 150V 34 mOhm
PHB45NQ15T D2PAK 150V 34 mOhm

The devices are available now in quantities of 10K.

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