Power supply marginer optimizes next-generation digital systems

Targeting next-generation digital systems, the SMM150 is a digital power supply marginer that can easily be designed to work with either point-of-load (POL) DC-DC power modules or monolithic embedded DC-DC converters.This solution from Summit Microelectronics is designed to improve the performance and reliability of enterprise server, data communications and telecommunications equipment through precision power subsystem control.

The device performs two essential functions. Trimming the output voltage of the power supply to 0.5% accuracy, and margining the output voltage above or below the nominal set-point from +300mV to VDD . Designed for applications where product quality is paramount to avoid costly downtime, the SMM150 is ideal for servers, switches, routers, and base stations.

It uses a precise on-board reference, a 10-bit ADC and control loop to measure and control the output voltage of the DC-DC converter. When a margin/trim request is received, the device will adjust the trim pin or feedback pin of the converter, to provide the correct margined output voltage from +300mV to VDD . During this period the SMM150 controls the output voltage very accurately to 0.5% using Summit's Active DC Output Control (ADOC™) technology.

The device can margin by either a remote I²C command or by driving the margin up/down pins. Additionally the SMM150 provides status flags ” 'Ready' provides an indication if the margined voltage has been reached, and 'Fault' provides an error flag.

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