Power switches crow super current rating

San Jose, Calif. — Micrel Inc. launched a family of high-current power switches for PCs, set-top-boxes, game controllers and USB host devices, as well as the latest printers, which all require current limiting protection against short circuits.

The MIC2004/5/6 all feature preset current limits of 0.5 A, 0.8 A and 1.2 A in the smallest form factors available on the market today, said Scott Brown, Micrel’s director of mixed-signal and RF products. These single output ICs are capable of serving multiple (USB) ports providing both cost and space savings.

Standard features include soft-start turn-on, thermal protection and an enable input for eternal switch control.

The MIC2004 offers a load discharge field-effect transistor (FET) to insure output capacitors retain no charge when the switch is off.

The MIC2005 features user-adjustable soft-start to create glitch free turn-on for power supplies ranging from strong to delicate, and a fault flag for indication of over-current or over-temperature events with fault blanking to prevent nuisance alerts on transient.

The MIC2006 offers dynamic load management (DLM), which monitors the source supply for weaknesses and will disable its load if the source voltage drops below a user-defined threshold. This creates a moving current limit which dynamically adjusts itself according to system-wide conditions.

“All PCs and millions of printers feature USB sockets as the standard connection for peripherals and each requires current limiting as protection against short circuits,” Brown said. “Micrel’s newest family of power distribution switches offers the industry’s highest current rating to footprint ratio and an unparalleled feature set, making them ideal for these applications,” he added.

The MIC2004, MIC2005 and MIC2006 are currently available in volume quantities and in two package options, SOT-23 and 2mm x 2mm MLF. Pricing starts at $54 cents in 1K quantity for SOT-23 and 58 cents in 1K quantity for MLF. Click here for the MIC2004 data sheet. Click here for the MIC2005 data sheet. Click here for the MIC2006 data sheet.

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