Power transistors target UHF

HVVi Semiconductors, Inc. released the company's first product for radar applications in the UHF band that uses HVVi Semiconductors' High Voltage Vertical Field Effect Transistor (HVVFET) architecture. Operating across the 420 to 470 MHz band, the HVV0405-175 is a fully qualified 175W RF power transistor optimized for gain and ruggedness.

The company also announced the HVV0912-150, a power transistor for Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) applications. Operating across a 960 to 1215 MHz band, the HVV0912-150 is designed for ground-based DME systems that require a wider bandwidth than the company's earlier announced parts for airborne DME applications.

The HVV0405-175 operates across the 420 to 470 MHz band and delivers up to 175W of power. The new device supplies up to 25 dB of gain when pulse width = 300 us and pulse duty cycle = 10% at VDD = 50V and IDQ = 50 mA. This UHF part withstands an output load mismatch corresponding to a 20:1 VSWR across all phase angles at rated output power and operating voltage across the entire frequency band.

For designers of ground-based DME systems, the HVV0912-150 delivers up to 150W of power. Operating off a 50V supply voltage, the new transistor delivers power gain of 20 dB under a pulse width of 10 us and a pulse duty cycle of 10%. The HVV0912-150 is specified to withstand a VSWR of 20:1 across all phase angles.
The two new devices are sampling immediately and come in a HV400-style, two-lead metal flanged package with liquid crystal polymer lid. Both devices are fully qualified. The HVV0405-175 sells for $280.42 in quantities up to 24 pieces. The HVV0912-150 sells for $316.61 in similar quantities. Both transistors are available through Richardson Electronics .
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