PR Newswire’s Business Technology Round-up, 2nd November 2012

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LONDON, November 2, 2012

LONDON , November 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

NASA receives cyber security award, Regent launches new software and Ninja Kiwi acquires Scottish game developer

The NASA Ames Research Centre has been awarded the prestigious National Cyber Security Innovation Award this week, in recognition of its efforts to improve the United States' ability to weather cyber-attacks.

Technology developed and implemented by the cyber division of the world-renowned space agency allows government departments to search continuously for threats, whilst also notifying system administrators of potential weaknesses in their security infrastructure. This is all provided at an extremely low cost to the taxpayer. The US government is preparing to roll out the system nationwide, and administrators are impressed with its ability to identify potential threats. The technology also ranks security workers by their ability to address flagged problems quickly, creating a positive performance culture that can only be beneficial for the US cyber security industry.

Regent Education, an innovative provider of system management software for educational institutions, has announced the launch of its new Regent 8 software suite, providing higher educational establishments with the ability to manage their financial affairs effectively.

The new software has been developed in conjunction with world class engineers and financial experts, in order to create a leading product for the universities' market. Regent 8 allows users to manage their student financial aid programmes more effectively, meaning administrators' manual work is reduced by between 20 and 60%, freeing up staff to tend to more critical activities.

Both enrolment into financial aid programmes and physical payments are automated by the new software, which also includes a financial planning application, and these features are all backed up by a market leading user interface. According to Regent Education CEO Randy Jones , the software is set to revolutionise “the way schools manage financial aid, and is setting a new standard for cost control, service and compliance”.

Ninja Kiwi, a market-leading developer of Facebook based gaming services, has announced its acquisition of Scottish rival Digital Goldfish, in a move that will bolster its mobile development arm and improve its market position.

The acquisition marks the culmination of years of collaboration between the two companies, who have worked together to produce a number of popular mobile gaming apps. One app in particular has now been downloaded an impressive 8 million times. According to Ninja Kiwi co-founder Chris Harris , the combination of these two entities will “bring existing Ninja Kiwi IP to a variety of platforms”.

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