Pre-APEC latest Product Introductions

(Image courtesy of APEC)

(Image courtesy of APEC)

I am on my way to APEC in Anaheim, CA this weekend. It will be great to see the new Power offerings and to see old friends and meet new ones in this exciting Power industry. I will be meeting with all the major suppliers and many other ones that also have new innovative solutions. I will also be attending many of the conferences and demos and will be reporting on those as well on my EDN Power Management Design Center and blogs as well as EETimes/Planet Analog. Also, watch for me on Twitter here.

Leading up to APEC have been a slew of new introductions by various suppliers. I wanted to highlight some of that here on Planet Analog for your information.

Starting with the latest new introductions, Infineon introduced a new series of devices in their OptiMOS 6 family today. These discrete power 40V MOSFETs are designed optimally for synchronous rectification in SMPS and are targeting servers, desktop PCs, wireless chargers and more. On state resistance has been reduced leading to an improved Figure of Merit.

Next, Power America has four new projects that will help accelerate SiC and GaN technology. These member-initiated projects are:

  • Quantifying Power Device Reliability Due to Terrestrial and Other Radiation Sources (Akin Akturk, CoolCAD Electronics)
  • Establish an Independent Testing Facility to Perform Reliability Analysis of Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Devices (Stephen Bayne, Texas Tech/Group NIRE)
  • High Voltage Bi-Directional On-Board Charger with Integrated PCB Winding Magnetic Components (Qiang Li, Virginia Tech)
  • Short-Circuit Behavior and Protection of Next Generation 1.2kV SiC Modules (Jin Wang, The Ohio State University)

Texas Instruments also introduced a new Power product with a wide-input-voltage synchronous DC/DC buck converter, the LM5164 with what they claim is the industry’s best combination of light load efficiency, ease of design and reduced cost.

GaN Systems introduced what they claim is the Industry’s Highest Current GaN Power Transistors. Their offerings are 650 V GaN E-HEMTs with the addition of the 150 A, 650 V and the 80 A, 650 V (GS-065-080-1-D) line of GaN power transistors. The company claims that their 150 A, 650 V transistor (GS-065-150-1-D) is unmatched on both current (80 A at 22 mΩ) and resistance (50 A at 18 mΩ) than any other GaN power transistor in the market. The transistors were developed specifically for automotive, industrial, and renewable energy industries.

Power Integrations was not to be outdone. They introduced a range of galvanically isolated transformers that provide the correct voltage and power for the company’s SCALE-iDriver family of gate drivers. The transformer is the SIT 12xxI

This is only the beginning. Lot’s of new products being introduced at the show next week. Stay tuned to my EDN Power Management Design Center and blogs as well as EETimes/Planet Analog.

2 comments on “Pre-APEC latest Product Introductions

  1. MelBrandle
    April 19, 2019

    For the 4 new projects you mentioned, what do you mean that they are member initiated? Have we had any contribution into the interest to want to develop these projects at all perhaps? It would be nice to know if we had played some part in pushing forward all this innovation and movement in the industry!

  2. Steve Taranovich
    April 19, 2019

    @MelBrandle—By 'member initiated', I mean members of the Power America organization

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