Preamplifier cuts power consumption by 25 percent for laptop HDDs

Milpitas, Calif.—Designed for 2.5-inch hard disk drives in laptops, LSI Corp. has developed the PA2500 low-power preamplifier IC that employs design techniques and process technology to yield a 25 percent power consumption reduction over the previous generation.

This reduction also decreases heat dissipation, resulting in greater drive reliability. The PA2500 preamplifier delivers an operating speed of up to 1.5-Gbits/s.

A HDD's preamplifier is closely tied to the performance of the drive's heads and media. As a drive reads analog data from the disk drive platter, the preamplifier amplifies these extremely small signals before they are sent to a read-channel IC for processing and digitization. A preamplifier is also integral to the write process by driving current through the inductive write head, which records information on the platter.

The PA2500 preamplifier IC is available now to qualified customers.

LSI Corp., 1-866-574-5741,

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