Preamplifier delivers fast operating speeds, power savings

Allentown, Pa. — Agere Systems has started shipping samples of its latest high-performance, low-power preamplifier integrated circuit (IC) that is specifically designed for use in enterprise and desktop computer hard disk drives (HDDs). The TrueStore PA7800 preamplifier is said to deliver the industry's fastest operating speeds topping 2.5 gigabits-per-second (Gbits/s) while consuming nearly 30 percent less power in write mode than the previous generation Agere chips.

In addition, the PA7800 preamplifier offers nearly a 30 percent improvement in the writer rise time over the company's previous generation preamp for this market. This measures how fast the preamp can switch current to the writer head for recording data on the HDD's platter or storage switch. The PA7800 enables higher capacity through its increased data rate, compatibility with a new generation of TMR heads and reduced power dissipation, said Agere.

Availability: Volume production is expected by the fall of 2007.
Product information: TrueStore products

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