Precision amplifiers deliver high bandwidth-to-power ratios for portables

Santa Clara, Calif. — National Semiconductor Corp. has launched five precision operational amplifiers (op amps) for portable test and measurement, industrial and medical systems that require signal-conditioning and sensor interface accuracy at gains of 6 V/V or higher.

The LMP7707 single, LMP7708 dual, LMP7709 quad, LMP7717 single and LMP7718 dual are the latest additions to the company's PowerWise energy-efficient product family. The LMP7717 delivers 88 MHz gain bandwidth while consuming only 1.15 mA of quiescent current, while the LMP7707 provides 14 MHz gain bandwidth at 0.715 mA of quiescent current. These high bandwidth-to-power ratios enable high power efficiency for extending battery life in portable devices, said National. In addition, the precision of the LMP7717 and LMP7718 supports data acquisition systems of 16-bits or greater.

The LMP7717 single and LMP7718 dual are low-noise, CMOS input operational amplifiers that offer a low-input voltage noise density of 5.8 nV/sqrt Hz. These devices are stable at a gain of 10 and higher. The LMP7717 and LMP7718 deliver a supply voltage range of 1.8 V to 5.5 V and can operate from a single supply or dual supplies. Their precision DC specifications include an input offset voltage of less than 180 uV to improve overall system accuracy. The LMP7717 is offered in 5-pin SOT23 or 8-pin SOIC packages, while the LMP7718 is offered in 8-pin SOIC or 8-pin MSOP packages.

The LMP7707 single, LMP7708 dual and LMP7709 quad devices are low offset voltage, rail-to-rail input and output (RRIO) precision amplifiers. They provide an operating voltage range up to 12 V for single or dual supply applications and are stable at a gain of 6 V/V and higher. These high-speed amplifiers feature CMOS input and offer low-input noise density of 9 nV/sqrt Hz, guaranteed low offset voltage of less than 200 uV and a guaranteed low input bias current of less than 1 picoamp (pA). The LMP7707/08/09 devices exceed 100 dB for common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR), power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) as well as large signal voltage gain (Avol). The LMP7707, LMP7708 and LMP7709 are offered in 5-pin SOT23, 8-pin MSOP and 14-pin TSSOP packages, respectively.

Pricing: All five new products are available now with prices ranging from $1.05 to $2.45 in quantities of 1,000.
Product information: LMP7707, LMP7708, LMP7709, LMP7717 and LMP7718
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