Precision op amp provides best bias current drift at lowest power

Intersil's ISL28207 op amp features advanced bias current cancellation techniques to achieve low bias current drift over the operating temperature range, making it well-suited for high-impedance input signals for process controls, automated test equipment, and data acquisition.

The first in a family of operational amplifiers built using the company's new proprietary bipolar process technology, the ISL28207 is a dual 40 V low-power bipolar precision operational amplifier that exhibits DC precision and temperature drift performance.

The device offers a low offset voltage of 75 micro-V max and a typical input bias current of 60 pA. Temperature drift is only 0.65 micro-V/degree C max for input offset voltage and 0.2 pA/degree C for input bias current, making it ideal for 16- and 24-bit applications. The ISL28207 exhibits a wide operating voltage range of 4.5 V to 40 V and an operating temperature range of -40 to +125 degrees C.

Other key advantages of the ISL28207 include lower power performance with low noise and high DC precision accuracy over temperature (low offset drift), which are required for wireless sensor applications, portable data acquisition, instrumentation, and remote power meters. Also a high ESD protection (4 kV HBM) reduces in-field failures for industrial applications in data acquisition and process control.

Availability and Pricing

Pricing starts at $1.58 each in 1,000-piece quantities in SOIC 8-lead packages.

Datasheet: ISL28207

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