Precision temperature sensor is lowest-power for 3G phones

Lexington, Mass.&#8212STMicroelectronics touts its STLM20, the company's first in a new series of precision temperature sensors, as the lowest-current drop-in replacement for industry-standard LM20 devices.

The analog output temperature sensor, working off a nominal 2.4-volt supply, has a temperature-to-voltage accuracy of ±1.5&degC at +25°C, and ±2.5°C over its rated operating range of -55 to +130°C. Its high accuracy and linearity, along with its low quiescent operating current (4.3 microamps, typical) and small size (1-by-1.3 mm, 4-lead UDFN package) thus suits its for 3G cell phones (where it's used to monitor the transmitter section), temperature-compensated crystal oscillators, battery chargers, GPS devices and battery-operated medical instruments.

Click here to access the product datasheet. The STLM20 is priced at 25 cents in high volumes.

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