Precision Voltage Reference – has unprecedented temperature stability

Xicor's X60008BIS8-50 precision voltage reference raises the temperature coefficient performance bar by guaranteeing 3ppm/C maximum over the full device operating temperature range. For designers, the 5V reference device enables advanced applications for precision industrial and portable systems operating at significantly higher accuracy and lower power levels than can be achieved with conventional technologies. This latest addition to Xicor's family of precision voltage references is manufactured using the company's proprietary Floating Gate Analogue (FGA) technology. The device maintains precision performance specifications of 500V absolute initial accuracy, ultra low 500nA power consumption, and 10 ppm/1000Hrs long-term stability. The X60008BIS8-50's operating temperature range is “40 to +85C. Competitor's voltage reference devices that achieve 3ppm/C or better temperature stability frequently include on board heaters to stabilise the chip at a fixed temperature. Such devices consume considerable supply current (100s of A to several mA), are limited in availability and are very expensive. Xicor's FGA technology delivers this temperature stability at an extremely low 500nA of supply current at a reasonable price. Applications for the device include high resolution A/Ds and D/As, precision current sources, smart sensors, digital meters, precision regulators, strain gauge bridges, calibration systems, precision oscillators, threshold detectors, V-F converters battery management systems, and servo systems. Xicor will continue to expand the X60008 family with options that feature additional fixed reference voltages, better initial accuracy, and lower temperature coefficients. The company also plans additional product family introductions including smaller packages and products designed for applications requiring fast transient response performance. The X60008BIS8-50 in 8-lead SOIC is available now. Xicor Ltd, Witney, Oxford OX8 GFE, UK.

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