Primary side power management ICs help integrate primary, secondary power control

Ottawa, Canada, November 29, 2004 — Potentia Semiconductor, the power management company, today announced the industry's first primary side power management ICs that enable integration of primary and secondary side power control schemes. With an on-chip serial data link, the PS-1005 and PS-1006 power management ICs are the first in a series of devices to comprehensively monitor and control the primary side of the power subsystem. Status information is then transmitted to a companion IC on the secondary side. The integration of on-card primary and secondary side power control schemes maximizes system uptime in networking and high-availability storage and compute power architectures.

Residing on the high-voltage side of the safety isolation barrier, the PS-1000 series devices continuously monitor primary input voltage, current and fuse status information. Digitized data is transmitted through the PI-Link interface to the secondary side power management controller. The primary side status information is readily available via the I2 C interface of the PS-2406.

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“Potentia continues to transform power system design by providing the first primary side power management ICs available on the market that integrate the primary and secondary side power control schemes,” said Ian McGill, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing. “The first in a series of devices, the PS 1005 and PS-1006 address the needs of designers implementing products with the most demanding system availability requirements”

The PS-1005 and PS-1006 are easily configured with undervoltage and overvoltage detection thresholds, which are used to shut down the card under adverse circuit conditions. Input voltage brownout detection is also provided by the ICs. Undervoltage, overvoltage and brownout alarms are communicated to the PS-2406 through the PI-Link interface, together with fuse status.

As well as primary side monitoring and control, the PS-1006 integrates inrush current limiting. By controlling an external MOSFET, the IC limits card inrush current at startup, enabling hot swapping of cards without damaging the system or causing service disruption.

The devices also provide an electronic system shutdown function. To protect the card, if an unrecoverable secondary side voltage fault is detected, the PS-2406 can instruct the PS-1005 or PS-1006, across the isolation barrier, to shut down the intermediate bus DC-DC power converter. If the input current exceeds the overcurrent threshold, the PS-1006 turns off the inrush MOSFET.
Pricing and Availability
Potentia Semiconductor's PS-1005 and PS-1006 are now available. The PS-1005 is priced at $4.60 per 10K units while the PS-1006 is priced at $6.60 for the same quantity. For more detailed pricing information, please contact .

About Potentia Semiconductor
Potentia Semiconductor is transforming the way on-board power system architectures are designed and implemented. Its unique approach comprises PowerCenter, a comprehensive design environment for creating and validating custom power system management strategies, and a rapidly expanding portfolio of configurable power subsystem controller ICs. Privately owned, Potentia Semiconductor is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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