Primary side regulation PWM controllers provide performance benefits in HB LEDs

Fairchild Semiconductor is targeting a critical need in the high brightness (HB) light emitting diodes (LED) market with its primary side regulation (PSR) pulse-width modulation (PWM) controllers that simplify design, reduce board space and provide performance benefits.

The FSEZ1016A is an EZSWITCH that integrates a PSR PWM controller with a power MOSFET and the FAN100 is a PSR PWM controller. Through the integration, these controllers claim to achieve the most accurate constant current (CC) through their built-in proprietary TRUECURRENT technology and tight constant voltage (CV) without using secondary-side feedback circuitry. By tightening the constant current over a wide voltage range, the same circuit can accommodate different numbers of LED units in a string, increasing design flexibility, accelerating time-to-market and stretching the lifetime of HB LEDs. The level of integration of the PSR PWM controllers helps conserve board space while accommodating the form factor of lamp cases that continue to diminish in size.

The FSEZ1016A and FAN100 feature a proprietary green-mode function that provides off-time modulation to linearly decrease the PWM frequency under light-load conditions. The devices also minimize power consumption (standby power at no load condition <0.15 W) by reducing the secondary-side feedback circuitry and components. All of the power-saving features are integral in enabling power supplies to meet stringent energy efficiency specifications. In addition, these PSR PWM controllers offer robust protection features such as under-voltage lockout (UVLO), over voltage protection (OVP) and over temperature protection (OTP).

The PSR PWM controllers enhance Fairchild's power offerings to enable energy-efficient electronics. These products maximize energy savings in power-sensitive applications such as power adapters, power supplies, lighting applications, computers, industrial controls and home appliances.

Availability and Pricing

Samples are available now. The price of the FAN100 is $0.28 with the FSEZ1016A priced at $0.35. Delivery is 12 weeks ARO.

Datasheet for the: FSEZ1016A

Datasheet for the: FAN100

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