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To my delight, the Space Tech Expo first day Keynote address was given by Todd May, Director, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
The Mars 2020 Rover is scheduled to launch in July 2020, with a unique first---- the Rover will carry and deploy a tiny, autonomous rotorcraft.
Ever wonder how we got to 5G? Many earlier discoveries, experiments analyses led to wireless communication, but let’s look at what helped spur wireless radio 90 to 100 years ago.
There are several features of current-feedback fully differential amplifiers that set them apart from voltage feedback fully differential amplifiers. This article will detail several of these differences and how they impact circuit design
To understand the proliferation of power domains and supplies, we need to take a trip along ADC history lane. Back in the days when the ADC was just that, an ADC, the sample speeds were slower—in the 10s of MHz—and the amount of digital content was small to nonexistent.
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